Our Trees

    Our trees are beetle kill pine cured dryed for 30 years;

    This leaves around 7% moisture content about half of kiln dried wood;

    The wood is put into duplicators and cut into the shape of the pattern;

    The wood is then hand sanded to finished shaped;

    It is then assembled in to specifications of the saddletree from width (front and back) height, bar angle, and symmetry;

    The bars of the tree are leveled on a level set-up table before fork and cantle are attached;

    The tree is then hand sanded again, horn is installed and attached with heavy duty screws;

    Our quality control starts before glassing because Fiberglass can be used as bondo on car to fill defects and hide problems;

    We then attached a ground seat mold with fully finished shape;

    The shape of the seat takes into account not only confront but position of the rider in the seat for each given riding application;

    From this point, fiberglass is layered on the bottom of the saddletree with the thickness varying where strength is necessary;

    Once the bottom side of the saddletree has cured the ground seat mold is removed and the bottom side of the tree is cleaned of excess fiberglass and hand sanded smooth;


The Fiberglass Process

    The fiberglass is applied to the top side and wrapped around to the bottom to make a fully encased unit that is as strong as can possibly be made;

    For roping applications the horn and fork are reinforced with extra glass due to the extra stress that it incurs;

    During the glassing process there is no bondo used to fill gaps and smooth transitions.We use a special mixture of filler and glass that is mixed with the same resin that our tree is covered with;

    This resin “Sun Rez” is highly attractive to fiberglass work of this nature because it has an unlimited work time before curing;

    The curing process is activated by sunlight rather than a hardening agent;

    This extended work time allows the resin to penetrate deep into the wood so that bonds the layers of fiberglass to the wood itself creating a product that becomes a unified structure;

    The resulting product is long lasting due to the fact that our resin is activated by UV light and does not out gas or become britle as polyester resins can over time.