Welcome to Black Mesa Saddletree!

Our trees are designed to work for your horse and make you a better rider! Older style traditional saddletrees, and completely new trees not copies of a competitor's tree as most of the saddletree industry is based on!

A great saddle is a collaborative effort. It goes thru a series of interpreters:

The Rider who explains what he wants the saddle to do > the Saddlemaker who listens and says to the Treemaker, "if I had a tree like this.... I can make what he wants", the Treemaker then listens & interprets to blend the right SHAPE for the horse.... the Rider.... and gives the Saddlemaker the right foundation to make their Dreams a reality. You are buying "THE SHAPE OF DREAMS", that's all.

Black Mesa trees based on proven patterns made by Len over the last 26 years. Our trees are a combination of Len's patterns combined with old patterns to make superior bars in the trees we offer. These type of trees are harder to build. Slow in duplicating and require thicker wood for the extreme curves in these bars. This is necesssary to obtain proper twist in a tree bar! Twist is the bar's angle change from front to rear.